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Dean Laird

Dean Laird

Senior Audiometrist & Owner


    Dean is passionate and experienced in multi-facets of hearing care with a particular interest in keeping abreast and using the latest technologies to improve the lives and well being of clients. He is a long term respected member of the professional community with strong professional and moral core values used to pursue “best practice” in hearing health, client care and rehabilitation with a dedicated personalised service. He thoroughly enjoys the gift his occupation provides him in improving people’s lives every day.

    Dean has over 27 years extensive experience in the hearing profession as a clinician, Manager and successful business owner and Director of Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions which became a household name and largest independent hearing care provider in South Australia through the late 2000s. Boasting over 60 employees (the Audiology employer of choice) and 60 clinics throughout the state this was a significant South Australian success story. All based on a simple philosophy of consistent, true and honest service, which still remains Dean’s approach to his clients today.

    Prior to this Dean worked as a Clinician for a national retail hearing company and was promoted to State Manager of South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. He is uniquely experienced and has in-depth knowledge of the hearing market, latest technologies and trends in the Australian hearing industry due to his management roles and contribution working for a national hearing company.

    However, throughout his career and in his management roles Dean has always insisted on continuing his ‘hands-on “ clinical role keeping his knowledge, technical understanding, clinical skills and qualifications current.

    Keeping in touch with the real people that have hearing loss. Building long-term relationships with my clients and partnering with them to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s what drives me.

    Having worked on the other side Dean is also passionate about independent Audiology practice in Australia, which means not being bound to any brand or style so he can prescribe the right hearing solution at a reasonable price to client’s from any manufacturer in the world. This is why his company “My Hearing” was born.

    Dean has been a member of the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud) since 1993. Never complacent he continues to build on his professional development and regularly attends relevant workshops, conferences, both nationally and internationally, to stay educated and skilled on latest industry developments, hearing device technologies and rehabilitation techniques.

    Away from the clinic, Dean is married to Sarah and a proud father to 5 children, enjoys most sports, gardening, and pottering around the family Carob farm at Port Elliott.