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Andrew Durovka


Andrew Durovka

Senior Audiometrist


    After 40 years in hearing care, Andrew Durovka is very familiar with the questions people ask about their hearing loss.

    The two most common questions are: What’s the cause of my hearing loss? What can be done about it?

    Andrew finds that a lot of people start by looking for answers on the Internet. But this usually causes more confusion.

    “People can become confused because there are so many different reasons for hearing loss, even though the symptoms might be similar,” explains Andrew.

    Other common questions are “why me?” and “what did I do to get a hearing loss?”.

    Usually, Andrew finds that, with a few tests and a thorough discussion about the person’s lifestyle and expectations, he can always give people meaningful answers to these questions.

    Over the years, Andrew has worked in Victoria and WA, as well as in SA.

    “I’ve travelled to various locations in SA from Mount Gambier to Ceduna, from Coober Pedy to Renmark, in numerous medical centres and hospitals. I’ve looked after many and varied clients, from privately funded clients, pensioners and people with workers compensation insurance claims. Over teh years, I’ve also helped Department of Veterans Affairs members for both hearing loss claims and the supply of hearing assistive devices.

    “Above all, my role is to improve the lives of my patients.

    “I do this by first establishing the reasons for their diminished hearing. Then, I give them information on what can be done to improve their ability to hear better in everyday situations where they might struggle.

    “This advice often includes whether they might need medical intervention, how they can cope better day-to-day with their hearing loss, and advice on which assistive hearing device will help.”

    I truly believe My Hearing is a great place to work. Our approach is to treat our patients as we and our family members would like to be treated.

    “And the advice we give is unbiased. Unlike many other clinics, My Hearing isn’t part of any major overseas business organisation.

    “We’re a local South Australian, independent hearing clinic serving our local community. All services and administration are local, so there’s no lengthy waiting times or call centres to deal with. There’s always a local person to speak to if the need arises.”