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What will happen at your appointment?


touchscreen-hearing-check-my-hearingHearing Checks, Screenings and Pre-employment hearing tests

A hearing screening is usually the first step towards finding out if you have a hearing loss. Depending on the result, you might need to take the next step toward a more thorough evaluation.

A hearing screening is a quick and cost-effective way to check on the state of your hearing health. Those who pass their hearing screening either have no hearing loss or a minor hearing loss. If the screening detects a significant hearing loss, we recommend a more detailed hearing evaluation should be done by a qualified hearing professional.

It usually involves an Otoscopic Inspection and shortened Air Conduction test.

Touchscreen Hearing Check

A convenient way to check your hearing is by visiting our Victor Harbor clinic at any time to use our Touchscreen Hearing Check – and you won’t need to make an appointment.

This self-assessment tool is completely free to use. It will instantly tell you whether you have a hearing loss that is significant enough to warrant a clinical assessment. You will even be emailed a detailed copy of your results at the conclusion of the 5-minute test.


Full Clinical Assessment

hearingtestDuring a full clinical assessment (1-hour), you’ll experience a range of different testing procedures. These include the following (please see Types of Tests page for more information):

  • Pure Tone Audiometry
    • Air conduction
    • Bone conduction tests
  • Speech Tests
    • Speech-in-noise tests
  • Tympanogram and Reflex Tests


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