Specialists in hearing tests Adelaide wide

If you are concerned about any aspect of your hearing health, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange an initial hearing assessment or a hearing test at our Adelaide clinic.

You can be referred to My Hearing Centre by your GP, but this is not a mandatory requirement as you can arrange a hearing test with us directly.

Contact us by phone on 08 7522 4235 to find out more about our hearing care services, or you can book an appointment online for a hearing test wherever you’re located in Adelaide, or across South Australia.

Your first hearing assessment

The first step towards a full hearing assessment and a better quality of life is to undergo an initial screening. This is a relatively quick and straightforward process and provides a snapshot of your overall hearing health.

Screening and assessment will usually be able to reveal whether your hearing is unaffected, or if further evaluation is required to learn more about any hearing loss, or to devise strategies for ongoing hearing care.

Full clinical hearing assessments

A full clinical hearing assessment will usually take 1 hour to complete, and can involve a variety of different types of test, so as to determine the extent of any hearing loss, how this might be affecting your life, and what the most appropriate answer might be.

The type of hearing test and assessment that we can offer to Adelaide clients include:

  • Pure tone audiometry
  • Air conduction
  • Bone conduction hearing tests
  • Speech test
  • Speech in noise
  • Tympanogram and reflex

Book a free hearing test

If you want to make an appointment for a free hearing test, feel free to contact us on 08 7522 4235, or book a consultation online.

We supply a wide selection of hearing aids As we are an independent audiologist clinic, we are not committed to recommending any particular brand or hearing aids manufacturer as a result of our hearing assessments.

Instead, our audiologist team utilise the latest technology from a variety of leading manufacturers, and support our clients by offering them the widest range of hearing aid options and solutions.

The type of hearing aid that best suits your needs will likely depend on a variety of factors, such as the extent of hearing loss being experienced, your budget, as well as lifestyle, aesthetic and dexterity considerations.

Types of hearing aids available in Adelaide

We can fit and supply hearing aids in all three major categories:

  • Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids, including custom in the ear models (CIC, MC, ITC, HS, ITE)
  • Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids
  • Receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aids

If you feel that you do not hear as well as you did, and are concerned that your hearing health may be impacting on your quality of life, book a hearing test at our Adelaide clinic as soon as possible to learn more about any hearing loss you may have experienced.

How do I know I have hearing loss?

It is not always immediately obvious to most people that they need to undergo a hearing test, so we have detailed below some of the causes of hearing loss, as well the different varieties and how to recognise the signs.

Signs that you may need a hearing test

One of the key signs that you might need a hearing test is that you start to miss parts of conversations, especially when there are any sounds in the background. The overall volume of these conversations might be okay, but you find yourself having difficulty hearing certain words or parts of words. It could also be the that you frequently have to ask others to repeat what they have said.

You might also find that you continually are having to increase the volume of the TV or radio, or that the hearing in one of your ears is distinctly better than the other. There may also be a constant ringing (tinnitus) or pulsing felt in one or both ears.

For children and young people, hearing difficulties can also impact on the clarity of their own language development and ability to speak with clarity. A hearing test is a way of discovering if hearing loss has affected them in this way. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the above, contact us on 08 7522 4235 and arrange an appointment for a hearing test at our Adelaide clinic.

When should I get a hearing test?

The factors that affect a person’s ability to hear clearly, and which prompts them to arrange a hearing test, can be quite varied and often not able to be attributed to a single cause. You might be experiencing what is known as conductive hearing loss, which could be the result of a build up of excessive ear wax, perforation of the eardrum, or as a result of an infection in the middle ear.

In these cases, the loss can be addressed, and often hearing is fully restored. Alternatively, you might be experiencing sensorineural hearing loss, generally caused by problems in the inner ear. It can be the result of constant or excessive noise exposure, genetic factors, or a consequence of ageing.

More often than not, the hearing loss is permanent, and so a hearing aid or cochlear implant will generally be the course of treatment recommended by your audiologist. It is also possible to experience mixed hearing loss i.e., a loss caused by conditions in both the middle ear and inner ear. This can be hereditary, the result of ageing, the consequence of an infection, or due to constant exposure to excessive sound and noise exposure, often in a work environment (sometimes known as industrial deafness).

Book a full range of hearing tests

As a leading independent audiologist clinic in Adelaide, we support and provide a variety of services for people from all over South Australia at all stages of life. We conduct all types of hearing test in order to determine the degree to which you may have lost your ability to hear clearly, and to devise an appropriate answer given your specific needs and overall health.

The audiology services and hearing assessments available at our clinic include initial free hearing tests, as well as otoscopic inspection, a pure tone audiometry hearing test (either an air conduction or bone conduction hearing test), speech tests, tympanograms and reflex tests.

You are welcome to visit our Adelaide clinic, meet our team, and learn more about our hearing assessments, and how being able to hear sound and conversations more clearly will have a positive impact on your life.

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