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We understand how important it is to stick to a budget, so contact us if you have a quote for a hearing aid from another local hearing clinic and we will be happy to beat it.

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As local, Adelaide independent hearing specialists, at our clinic we are committed to finding the right solution for hearing aids for you or a family member experiencing hearing loss.

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Our audiologists are experts in hearing aid fitting, including tiny hearing aid brands that sit deep within the ear canal so that they are totally invisible.

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We are here to help you find the appropriate hearing solution for your needs, and to provide hearing aids and ongoing care for clients from all over Adelaide.



We offer the option of undertaking a self-assessed hearing test, where you answer questions about your hearing online, prior to making an appointment at the clinic.



Contact our audiology team in person or online to learn more about the full range of hearing aids available at our clinic in a wide variety of colours and sizes.



Pensioners, veterans and other eligible people can get access funding for consultations with hearing specialists, as well as hearing aids and other hearing adjustments.


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Our specialist audiologists are committed to the ongoing care of our clients, and helping you to find a hearing solution and outcome that enables you to live life with greater hearing clarity. Make an appointment today for you or a family member to benefit from our honest advice and guidance about your hearing.

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          Leading hearing aid brands now available in Adelaide

          We supply high quality hearing aids Adelaide clients can wear to improve their hearing health and enhance their quality of life.

          Hearing aid and hearing loss FAQs

          Why should I visit an independent audiologist?

          When you visit our audiology clinic, you can rely on receiving honest advice that is designed to find the right solution for you, a family member or a loved one. When it comes to hearing aid brands, makes and models, at our appointments we are proud to offer unbiased advice, unhurried hearing aid fittings, and a wide variety of other audiology services. As an independent audiologist clinic, we have no affiliation with any particular brand or manufacturer of hearing aids.

          This means we are committed to exploring all the solutions open to you, and supplying new hearing aids that meet both your health needs and your budget. When it comes to Adelaide hearing aids, our clients know that if they are concerned they can rely on our audiology clinic for honest advice geared towards supporting your hearing health.

          What kinds of hearing aids do you supply?

          Everyone experiences hearing loss differently, and so the type of hearing aid that is right for you will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much hearing has been lost, your lifestyle and dexterity, aesthetic considerations, and the budget you have available.

          This means we supply and fit three main types of hearing aid:

          • Invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids, including custom in-the-ear models (CIC, MC, ITC, HS, ITE)
          • Behind the ear hearing aids (BTE)
          • Receiver in the ear hearing aids (RITE)

          To find out more about these and the other types of hearing aid we supply, as well as the range of support we can provide for people experiencing hearing loss, make an appointment at one of our clinics and our audiologist team will do all they can to help you or a loved one.

          How do I know if I am Losing my hearing?

          Hearing loss doesn’t just mean that you are completely unable to hear sounds; different frequencies of sound are affected in different ways, and so it might mean that you just miss words, or parts of words, during a conversation, especially if there is any background noise.

          You might also have a ringing or pulsing sensation in one or both ears. If you are having problems in hearing, you or others may notice that it is also having an impact on the clarity of your own speaking. If you are becoming aware of a diminished ability to hear clearly, a first step might be to undertake our online free hearing test.

          This is, however, a relatively basic hearing test, so we would always recommend an appointment at our clinic with a member of our audiologist team to arrange a full clinical test.

          What are the causes of hearing loss?

          Excessive sound and noise levels can be contributing factors in hearing loss, as can constant exposure to noise in a workplace, as these can cause damage to the inner ear. An infection that leads to a build up of fluid in the middle ear can also impact on hearing health. Ageing can also play a role, and it is not uncommon later in life to have greater difficulty with hearing.

          How much do new hearing aids cost?

          Our audiologist team is aware of the fact that there are costs associated with hearing aids and maintaining hearing health at all stages of life, and that everyone has a budget within which they have to operate, even if you have private health insurance. When one of our audiologists conducts a hearing aid fitting, we will always aim to find the right solution for your needs and your budget, and without having to pay hidden costs.

          What types of free hearing tests do you offer?

          You can arrange an appointment for a hearing test directly with us, or alternatively you can be referred by your GP, via the Hearing Services Program, or from an ENT specialist. At our clinics, audiologists carry out a full range of clinical hearing tests. These include:

          Otoscopic inspection

          This involves a visual inspection of the ear canal and ear drum in order to ascertain the health of the middle ear, and to identify any problems that may potentially impact hearing performance in a test.

          Pure tone audiometry

          There are two two types of pure tone audiometry hearing tests. In an air conduction test, you are seated in a soundproof booth and played beeps and whistles through headphones, and indicate when you hear them.

          The volume of these sounds is gradually reduced, with the softest that you can hear known as your hearing thresholds. These will be used to determine the type and degree of hearing loss you or a family member are experiencing. The other type of hearing test is a bone conduction test.

          A small vibrator is placed on the mastoid bone behind the ear in order to measure the softest noise and sound that can be heard. This will help us to determine what may be causing hearing issues, such as fluid in the middle ear, bones that are not functioning properly, or a perforated eardrum.

          Speech Tests

          If hearing is impaired, it can impact on the clarity of what you hear, not just the volume. Speech tests are a way of determining how clearly a person with a loss of hearing can understand what other people are saying when they are not able to see another person’s lips moving.

          A speech-in-Noise test involves undertaking a speech discrimination test with background noise, as this is when people with hearing loss have the most difficulty in comprehending what others are saying. An aided v unaided test will then compare how well you are able to hear and understand other people speaking with a hearing aid in place, and then without it.

          Tympanograms and reflex tests

          Tympanogram tests are designed to measure the flexibility of the tympanic membrane (more commonly known as the eardrum), as this can indicate a middle ear problem that causes conductive hearing loss. If the results of the tympanogram are normal, the way the acoustic muscle reflex in the middle ear reacts to different sounds is assessed, as this is also an indicator as to how well your auditory system and hearing is functioning.