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Why My Hearing is different (HINT: we’re independent & always looking for the right hearing solution that suits you)

Dean Laird, owner and head clinician at My Hearing, had two considerations in mind when he first opened a hearing clinic in Victor Harbor (here’s his story):

“Firstly, I had family ties in the area. I also saw the need for change and consumer choice in hearing services on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

“I’ve been servicing the hearing needs of South Australians for over 30 years. What makes our business special is that we’re proud to be the only permanent, locally-owned and independent South Australian hearing centre on the southern Fleurieu. We’re sincerely committed to delivering consistent, quality hearing care for our local community.”

My Hearing has been operating in Victor Harbor for three years now. The company employs five people including Audiology specialists, Hearing Services Officers and admin staff.

A genuine passion for changing people’s lives

“The staff at My Hearing have a genuine passion for changing people’s lives and family relationships for the better. We offer a personal approach to all their clients’ needs,” explains Dean.

“At My Hearing, if hearing aids are part of your recommended treatment, we’ll always take the time to find the best solution for you. We source our hearing aids from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, with no compromise on service quality or cost.

We offer world-leading hearing aid technology

My Hearing offers a variety of services including complete hearing assessments, tinnitus advice and therapies, hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation to private clients and free hearing aids and services to all eligible pensioners and DVA clients, prescription of the latest digital hearing aids, hearing aids repairs, Workers’ Compensation assessments and hearing protection.

“With technology changing rapidly, our staff keep up-to-date with all the new advances from each hearing aid manufacturer. Some of the incredible advances made recently include the ability of hearing aids to reduce background noise and make sounds clearer, automatic artificial intelligence, app controls, direct mobile phone call streaming, fall sensor alerts, language translation and heart rate monitoring.

Getting the right hearing advice is crucial

“We believe it’s important to seek professional advice about your hearing health. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive or buy glasses without first trying them on. You need to make sure they suit your needs – and you don’t feel pressured to buy.

“Hearing is complex. When choosing your hearing aids, you should choose with the help of the right professional support and guidance.

We enjoy a connection to the local community

“I’m proud of the business I’ve built up in the last three years. I enjoy my connection to people in my local community. We’re regular sponsors of local sports clubs including football, bowling, netball and golf. We also like to support the work of charities, like the Salvation Army, in our area.

“I’m also grateful for the friendships, support and personal relationships I’ve developed with other local business owners and community stakeholders. In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to build our relationships and our business.

“As well as having a strong best price guarantee, we think that having a ‘local’ approach, being independent of any type of large hearing care chain and being experienced, keeps people coming back to us. And we’re grateful for that.”

If you have any questions or would like some advice about your hearing health, please give us a call on 1300 970 558 to make an appointment – or book online.

My Hearing also has clinics in Goolwa, Strathalbyn, Kangaroo Island and McLaren Vale.