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Vibe: new self-fitting hearing aids now available in Australia

Vibe hearing aids are the latest hearing device on the market that’s sure to attract some of the one in seven Australians (around 3.6 million people) who have some level of hearing loss.

Vibe hearing aids are a cheaper, self-fitting hearing aid – which is sure to make them a popular alternative.

They’re called ‘Over The Counter’(OTC) hearing aids. That means they’re self-fitting – you can fit them without supervision, prescription, or intervention by a qualified hearing professional.

Think of them as being a bit like non-prescription reading glasses that magnify words and make it easier for you to read.

Vibe hearing aids will help reduce the barriers to good hearing health

Hearing loss is often called the ‘untreated condition’.

Many people who know they have a hearing loss are still reluctant to do something about it.

Price and affordability can be a factor.

And for some, there’s still a stigma around wearing a hearing aid. This leads many to avoid wearing them and simply ‘put up’ with their hearing loss.

Improving your ability to hear is so important to your wellbeing. It helps people communicate with others, supporting their social and emotional health.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to increased rates of anxiety, depression, poor mental health, and a shorter life expectancy.

And hearing aids have an important role in helping people to hear better.

10 great reasons to choose Vibe hearing aids

  1. You can buy Vibe hearing devices and fit them yourself
  2. Can be personalised to your hearing comfort
  3. Designed to help you hear sound naturally, especially voices
  4. Small enough to be described as ‘invisible in your ear’
  5. Easy to control and adjust the volume, bass, and treble sounds
  6. Connects to any smartphone
  7. Uses standard hearing aid batteries (PR536/10 type)
  8. It’s a registered hearing device, meeting all the essential safety and performance requirements
  9. 1 year warranty
  10. Manufactured using German technology by well-known and experienced hearing manufacturer WS Audiology (previously part of Siemens)


Who can Vibe help?

Vibe hearing aids are suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

But how can you tell if your hearing loss fits within this range?


Consider whether you can relate to these four situations

  • You find it hard to hear conversations in groups or noisy places
  • Hearing conversations on the phone is sometimes difficult
  • You often experience fatigue due to the effort it takes to listen
  • You’re in the habit of turning up the volume on your TV or radio

We think Vibe hearing aids are an excellent alternative for younger people who have a hearing loss but don’t receive any financial support from the government’s hearing support scheme.

They’ll also suit anyone else looking for a more affordable option. Or individuals who aren’t quite ready to commit to a prescription hearing aid.

To find out more about the new Vibe hearing aids, call My Hearing on 1300 970 558 or book an appointment online. Or take a look at the Vibe website HERE