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Deb Cox

Deb Cox

Customer Service Officer - Kings Park Clinic


    Listening is a big part of Deb’s working day.

    My focus is on making people feel comfortable and helping them gain confidence in their decision to act on their hearing health.

    With more than 12 years’ experience working in hearing care, Deb enjoys helping My Hearing clients by answering their questions, undertaking minor hearing aid repairs and making them feel welcome at the Kings Park hearing clinic.

    Deb enjoys working for an independent, privately-owned hearing clinic because she believes it focuses on what the client needs – not on meeting sales targets. Having worked alongside Dean in her first hearing care job, she’s happy to, once again, be part of his customer service team.

    Deb is a keen football supporter and member of one of SA’s leading AFL clubs. She also enjoys an evening out with friends playing Night Owls Lawn Bowls, and has recently taken up playing the ukulele.