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SHIFT hearing aids: new hearing technology that’s ready-to-wear, easy-to-use

With many of us stuck at home because of COVID-19, some people are even less keen to do something about their hearing loss.

Which is why the new SHIFT™ Ready-To-Wear Hearing Devices really caught my eye!

SHIFT Ready-To-Wear Hearing Devices are the latest technology from major hearing manufacturer Sonova. They come with some great features including:

  • Direct media streaming via Bluetooth® – including streaming from your TV directly to your hearing aids by using a TV Connector accessory (optional).
  • Hands-free phone calls to both ears (it works with both Apple and Android phones)
  • Programs that optimise sound for conversations in quiet and noisy environments, as well as when listening to live music


How SHIFT hearing aids are different from standard hearing devices

  • They’re ready to wear – The big difference between these and traditional hearing aids is that they’re ready to wear, right out of the box! They come in a rechargeable case which also contains a wall charger plug and cable, spare domes, a cleaning tool, wax guards and a warranty card. You’ll also receive clear ‘how-to’ instructions.


  • Program them yourself – For the tech-savvy user, SHIFT devices are easy to set-up. Before you place them in your ears, you’ll need to program the hearing devices to suit your listening needs. This involves downloading a free app onto your mobile device. You can then make adjustments to change the sound and volume. They also adapt to your surroundings.


  • Rechargeable – There’s no fiddling with traditional hearing aid batteries with SHIFT. To charge your hearing devices, you just need to place them in their case and plug them into your nearest power source. They take around 3 hours to charge and should last you all day. You can also buy a handy portable rechargeable power pack. Use this to charge your hearing aids when you’re away from home or not close to mains power.


  • An affordable option – They’re also more affordable than standard hearing aids. This is because you’re not paying for the extra services you get when you’re fitted with more traditional hearing devices – services like a hearing test, check-ups, maintenance, help with cleaning.

Will SHIFT Ready-To-Wear hearing aids suit anyone?

SHIFT Ready-To-Wear Hearing aids take a lot of the hassle out of getting help for your hearing loss.

But they won’t suit everybody.

They’re designed for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. You could say they’re a good place to start if you’ve never worn hearing aids before and don’t need a lot of instruction or back-up service.

And even though using the hearing devices is fairly straightforward, you need to be comfortable with technology. You’ll need to be able to work with the app and remember to recharge your hearing devices regularly.

There are also some differences in warranty and in the support you receive compared to regular hearing aids.


Your Warranty

Your SHIFT Hearing Devices come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. This covers any faults with the hearing aids, but not the receivers or speaker wires that go into your ears. This means you have to take extra care to keep your hearing aids moisture-free and free of wax so the receivers work properly.

Product Support and Service

The big advantage of SHIFT hearing devices is that they’re self-fitting. For this reason, and the fact that they are a more economical alternative, you generally don’t have the same level of service that you’d expect when you’re tested and fitted at your local hearing care clinic.

But if you buy your hearing devices through My Hearing, we will have ‘consumables’ available for purchase – items like speakers and domes wax filters.

Funding your hearing aids

SHIFT Ready-to-Wear hearing devices are not available on the government’s Hearing Services Program. They’re only available if you buy them as a ‘private client’. And as they are self-fitting and you don’t need a clinician to fit and program the devices, you can’t claim your purchase under your own private health fund either.

To find out more about these new hearing devices, please give us a call on 1300 970 558.

Be sure to ask about our special offer – SAVE $600 on a pair of SHIFT ready-to-wear hearing aids – that’s $1,599 per pair. OFFER LASTS UNTIL 31 OCTOBER 2020.