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PRODUCT REVIEW: New Phonak Lyric hearing aid promises to be 100% invisible

For years hearing aid manufacturers have been promising an ‘invisible hearing aid’.

And we know why.

Many hearing aid wearers are self-conscious about their hearing loss. They’d rather hide the fact that they need to wear hearing aids at all.

Phonak’s Lyric™ hearing devices are radically different from others.

The big features and advantages of the new Lyric™ hearing aid include:

  • So small, they’re invisible
  • Clear, natural sound
  • Comfortable enough to wear 24/7
  • Convenient – no daily hassles with battery changing or charging
  • Helps reduce annoying tinnitus at night
  • They’re made of medical-grade foam for a comfortable fit


100% invisibility

Lyric promises to deliver the holy grail of hearing aids. 100% invisibility – so small, you can’t see you’re wearing a hearing aid at all.

The hearing aid sits deep inside your ear canal (there’s no surgery involved). When you come into our clinic for a fitting, we’ll program and fit your hearing aids in one session.

Clear, natural sound

Using the natural anatomy of your ear, they promise to give you a ‘clear, natural sound’. The reason they achieve a more natural sound is that, even though they’re digitally programmable, they’re designed to achieve a higher, analogue sound quality.

24/7 extended wear hearing aids

With most other hearing aids, you need to put them in every morning. Then you take them out when you have a shower and before you go to bed.

You also need to change batteries or charge your hearing aids and give them a basic clean every now and again.

With Lyric, once they’re in your ear, they stay there.

When fitted properly, you should feel comfortable wearing them at all times – ‘24/7 for months at a time’. You can wear them in the shower and while you sleep. And because you wear them while you sleep, they provide tinnitus relief.

Convenient – no daily hassles

Lyric hearing aids are maintenance-free. No fiddling with batteries. No messing around cleaning out wax.
Once they’re in, they’re in – at least for a few months. After that, you need to come into your local My Hearing clinic and have them removed and replaced with new ones.

Are Lyric hearing aids suitable for everybody?

The first thing we’ll do is discuss whether these hearing aids are suitable.

Factors that affect your ability to wear Lyric include:

  • your level of hearing loss – they’re ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • whether you tend to have a lot of earwax
  • if you’ve experienced any middle ear conditions, like a perforated eardrum or pressure equalisation
  • people who have previously had radiation to their head and neck area also may not be suitable candidates for this device
  • if you’re a regular swimmer or skydiver, or if you have certain skin sensitivities, they’re also not recommended

In any case, having your ears checked for earwax is always recommended. You might also speak to your doctor if you have any other concerns.

The process of having your Lyric hearing aids fitted

  1. Like traditional hearing devices, your My Hearing clinician will first check your hearing.
  2. They’ll need to remove any earwax before the next step – or they may ask you to see your doctor to remove the earwax before the appointment.
  3. If you have the ‘go-ahead’, they’ll then carefully measure the size of your ear canal. Lyric hearing devices sit about 4mm away from your eardrum. There are 7 different sizes, so your clinician will make sure they fit snugly in your ear.
  4. Next, we’ll program your hearing devices.
  5. You’ll need to revisit your hearing clinic a week later, and then have another follow-up appointment around 4 weeks after your first fitting.
  6. Your hearing aids will be totally replaced every few months, so we’ll make sure to book those appointments for you after you’re fitted.

It takes around 20 minutes to measure the size of your ear canal, select the correctly sized hearing aids, and program your Lyric hearing aids to suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle needs.

If you’re away from home, you’ll be able to adjust the sounds volume levels – it’s fairly straightforward – we’ll show you how.

Your choice of subscription options

The other big difference between Lyric hearing aids and traditional devices is how you pay for them.

We have various subscription options available and we’ll discuss which subscription model suits you. Your subscription includes the regular replacement of Lyric devices and servicing throughout the year.

Of course, like all our hearing aids, we offer a 30-day free trial from your date of fitting.