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PRODUCT REVIEW: Widex Remote Care – A breakthrough in hearing care ‘from the comfort of your home’

There are times when you need help with your hearing aids but just can’t make it to see your hearing care clinician in person.

Perhaps you’re not well and unable to move around easily. Maybe it’s simply not convenient for you to get to your appointment.

Or maybe you’re a ‘grey nomad’, enjoying your life and travelling to places far from home.

For hearing aid wearers who have a busy work schedule, it might not be convenient to get to their hearing care appointment during their lunch hour.

Whatever the reason, you want to get the attention you need, when you need it.

eAudiology is a more convenient way to receive hearing care when you can’t go to a hearing clinic

Accessing hearing care remotely comes under the umbrella term ‘eAudiology’.

As people become more comfortable with digital technologies and have access to a smartphone, eAudiology has become a real alternative. It’s particularly useful in rural areas where hearing services are unavailable or clinicians only visit occasionally.

The key to the success of any eAudiology system is that it’s easy to use for both the hearing aid wearer and the hearing clinician.


Widex Remote Care system gives you access to hearing support from your smartphone

Hearing aid manufacturer Widex has recently developed their own Remote Care system which they say can make a huge difference to the quality of life of its users.

The Remote Care system only works with Widex hearing aids. It enables you to book an appointment to talk with your hearing clinician using your smartphone.


Here’s how the Remote Care system works:

  • The system can be used with both Apple and Android smartphones. The first step is to download the Remote Care app. It’s best to do this with your clinician when you’re first fitted with your hearing aids.
  • They’ll also set you up with your remote-link neck loop that pairs up with your phone. Once paired with your hearing aids, you’re able to make a remote appointment at a time that suits you both.
  • During your remote appointment, your clinician can fine-tune your devices in the same way they would during an in-person appointment. They can change programs and make adjustments to your listening experience.
  • People sometimes report that their hearing aids ‘whistle’. This can be caused by improper placement of the hearing aid in the ear canal, or it could indicate an earwax problem. Using the system, your hearing clinician can do a feedback check and then recommend the right course of action.
  • Another feature of the Remote Care system is the service tracker. The service tracker can identify mechanical issues with your hearing devices – such as microphone and receiver problems. Once they identify the problem, they can recommend the right approach to fixing it.


My Hearing is now using eAudiology to assist clients with their hearing care.

While we think it’s hard to replace having a face-to-face appointment with your hearing clinician, especially when you’re first fitted with a new hearing device, eAudiology is great for follow-ups.

Having a remote hearing appointment is ideal for follow-up appointments, when you might just need an adjustment or two or you need to ask a question.

If you have any questions or would like some advice about your using eAudiology, please give us a call on 1300 970 558 – or book an in-person appointment online.