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PRODUCT REVIEW: New WIDEX EVOKE™50 – A fully-subsidised hearing aid that works with your smartphone

Have you heard about the latest technological breakthrough in hearing devices?  It allows you to take phone calls and listen to music through your hearing aids.

You probably thought you’d have to pay a premium to have hearing aids that have these types of features.

A little while ago, you’d be right.

But now, hearing manufacturer Widex has released a new hearing aid that comes with all the ‘bells and whistles’. The best part is that it’s fully funded by the Australian government hearing service program for eligible pensioners and veterans.

It’s called WIDEX EVOKE™50.


Experience sound streaming and ease of use with WIDEX EVOKE™50

According to the company, this new hearing aid provides you with choice and control of your listening situations.


Here’s what you can do with WIDEX EVOKE™50

  • Stream Phone and Skype calls directly to your hearing devices

To help you hear more clearly when you’re on the phone, WIDEX EVOKE™50 has a built-in phone program.  Using an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you’ll be able to stream sound directly into your devices. This includes phone calls, Skype calls and music. And there’s no remote control necessary!

  • Listen to your favourite music

Relax and enjoy your favourite tunes. A built-in music program means that you can easily switch to via the program button or App.

  • Have more discreet control over the sounds you hear

The WIDEX EVOKE™ gives you control over your listening environment. The App allows you to easily fine-tune the volume, program and 3-sound equalizer control.

  • Use automatic settings for optimal listening

If you prefer not to adjust your hearing aids, WIDEX EVOKE™ automatically applies an intelligent universal program to find the best settings for the environment you’re in.

  • Optional extras including TV streaming

The award-winning WIDEX TV PLAY is an optional extra. It allows quality sound streaming of the TV directly into your hearing devices.


Our conclusion? Hearing aids are getting better and better every year. To have so many options available on a fully-funded device that’s available to eligible Australian pensioners and veterans is great. It means people who are on a budget, and want to use their hearing aids with their smartphone and TV, have the chance to try out the technology without extra funding.

Why Widex?

We’ve reviewed a number of Widex hearing aids over the years. As an independent hearing care provider, we’re not ‘tied’ to any particular hearing aid manufacturer. However, we’ve found the Widex branded hearing devices to have many features and benefits that our clients like.

If you have any questions or would like some advice about your eligibility for the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program, please give us a call on 1300 970 558 – or book an in-person appointment online.