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Phonak’s new Audéo Marvel hearing aid – innovation in design and technology

When Phonak’s new Audéo Marvel hearing aid was nominated as a finalist in the US Consumer Electronics & Information Technology category in the 2019 Edison Awards, I thought it was worth taking a look.

Why Phonak Audéo Marvel is a finalist for an Edison Award

To be nominated for the Edison Award, a product needs to be a real innovation. It also needs to prove it’s of true value to consumers. And it needs to have a distinct advantage over other available products.

According to the product manufacturers Sonova, Phonak Audéo Marvel is “not just a great hearing aid. It’s a multifunctional marvel.”

Suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss, here’s what makes the Phonak Audéo Marvel different:

  • Clear, rich sound

Using a sophisticated operating system called AutoSense OS™ 3.0, this hearing aid gives wearers high-quality sound in everyday listening environments. They’re especially effective where there’s background noise – such as in a restaurant or around the dinner table. This means it takes less effort to listen to conversations.

  • It comes with Bluetooth® connectivity

This is really convenient for smartphone users. Your hearing aids work a bit like wireless headphones. By connecting your hearing aids to your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone or tablet, and your TV, you can hear the sound directly to your hearing aids.

  • Call people hands-free


Connecting to your smartphone or tablet means that you can talk to friends and family hands-free. The built-in microphones pick-up your voice, and you can answer calls with the touch of a button.

  • It’s rechargeable

Having to fiddle with hearing aid batteries can be a nuisance for many hearing aid wearers. The Phonak Audéo Marvel is rechargeable, so there’s no need for small batteries. Just charge your hearing aids up overnight using the lithium-ion rechargeable technology, and you’re ready to go all day long.

  • Easy to adjust

The hearing aids can also be fine-tuned remotely using a smartphone app. This can save you a trip to your hearing specialist if you need to adjust your hearing aids to the sound environment.

 A little more about the Awards: Edison the man – innovator and inventor

The Edison Awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (b.1847 – d.1931) Edison was a legendary inventor.

Throughout his lifetime, he had 1,097 patents approved. He also pioneered five industries which transformed our world, including:

  • the incandescent electric light and the system of electrical power,
  • the phonograph and recorded sound,
  • the telephone transmitter,
  • the storage battery
  • movies and the motion-picture camera

The annual Edison Awards recognise and honour the world’s best in innovators and innovations. Previous winners are household names you’d recognise including 3M, Dyson, Fitbit, Amazon, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft.

Try it on! 30 days to try Phonak Audéo Marvel

If you’d like to try this new hearing aid, please give us a call on 1300 970 558 to make an appointment or send us a message. We’ll show you how it works – plus, our best price guarantee means you’ll get the best deal on this new hearing technology.