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Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

Open Up to the World – Introducing the Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn™ introduces groundbreaking technology that is fast enough to support the brain. With precision and accuracy it analyses the environment and differentiates between the different sources of sounds. The result is a significant improvement in the ability to understand speech in complex environments while, at the same time, preserving mental energy – ultimately empowering users through:

  • 30% better speech understanding
  • Reduced listening effort by 20%
  • Remember 20% more of your conversations**

Practically invisibleoticon-opn-colours

The miniRITE model is elegant and discreet and available in eight different colours.

Oticon Opn™ opens up the soundscape to embrace multiple speakers in all directions

Recent studies show that “following conversation in noisy situations” is the number one challenge for people with hearing loss.

Traditional hearing aids

Wearing traditional hearing aids help you hear conversations in noisy situations by focusing on sounds coming from in front of you. This is great when you are facing the person you are talking to, but in group conversations, such as around a dinner table, you can miss things people say further away or not in the direction that you are facing. And concept_opn_1_product_storythe conversation can move on without you.

Oticon Opn™

The groundbreaking technology in Oticon Opn processes sounds 50 times faster, giving your brain total access to the sounds around you.

Oticon Opn scans the environment 100 times per second to give you access to 360° of sound. It distinguishes between speech and background noise, enables you to identify where different sounds are coming from, and continually adjusts and balances all the sounds around you. This helps your brain make sense of sound and gives you a natural hearing experience.

oticon-opn-connectConnect to the things that matter most

  • Syncs seamlessly with your mobile devices, turning your hearing aids into a wireless headset that you can control
    with our easy-to-use Oticon ON app. The app also has a “locate my hearing aids” feature if they are lost.
  • Stream sound from your TV and radio directly into your hearing devices.
  • Oticon Opn™ can be linked to the If This Then That (IFTTT) network. Imagine that your hearing aids are able to notify you when an e-mail is received or inform you when someone rings your doorbell!


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* Compared to Alta2 Pro

** Individual benefit may vary depending on prescription