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Why understanding your hearing needs is the key to better hearing

“Do I really need a hearing aid?” That’s the question many people ask me when they visit my clinic.

To be truthful, I know that most people are hoping I’ll say no!

Of course, the main reason people come to see me is that they have a problem they want to solve.

It’s not about ‘fixing their ears’ or having a hearing test. It’s about fixing the problems they might be having when trying to communicate with others in their daily life. Or they could be upset because they can’t listen to the music they love or watch TV like they used to.

In professional terms, this part of my appointment with new and returning clients is called a ‘needs assessment’.

Why a needs assessment is the most important part of your hearing evaluation

You could argue that exploring your hearing needs is the most important part of any appointment.

It’s during this discussion that we uncover where you need help with your hearing. It’s an opportunity for you to tell me how having a hearing loss is affecting your life. It’s also where we’d talk about where and when you’d like to improve your listening ability.

As part of your hearing needs assessment, we might discuss:

  • Are there situations where you feel that you’re missing out on conversations?
  • Is it annoying when you go out to places where there’s background noise and you simply can’t catch what people are saying?
  • Do you find that you’re continually asking your partner or other members of your family to repeat themselves? Often this is difficult for both parties and can often strain relationships.
  • If there are other situations in your daily life where you feel you’re missing out – like listening to your favourite radio program or podcast or watching your favourite TV show.

It’s only when we’re clear about where you need to hear better – and then do a comprehensive hearing test – that we can recommend a solution.

Thankfully, the technology to help you hear better is improving every day. And though hearing aids may not give you 100% of the hearing you once had, they can make a huge difference.


Your hearing needs may change over time

Life changes and so do your hearing needs. That’s why we recommend that people visit their local hearing clinic at least every 2 years.

  • You may have joined a club where it’s important to hear when you’re with your group.
  • You may have decided to go back to work, as a paid employee or as a volunteer.
  • Or perhaps you’d like to use your hearing aids to communicate with friends and family on your mobile phone.

Whatever’s the case, every time you make an appointment with one of our experienced clinicians, they’ll undertake a needs assessment.

That way, we make sure you’re getting the most out of your current hearing aids and that they still fit with your lifestyle.

For a quick check, take a look at our online hearing test.

As always, you’re always welcome at My Hearing.

For a personalised needs assessment, or if you have any questions about the best approach to your hearing needs, please give us a call on 1300 970 558.