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Meet Wendy Griffin: keen traveller, golfer, My Hearing client

Wendy Griffin is the sort of person who always looks on the brighter side of life.

But having a hearing loss was really getting her down.

“I’ve only recently retired. I’d been doing clerical work in my brother’s business,” Wendy explained. “I had trouble hearing people at work. At the end of each day, I often had a terrible headache and eyestrain because I was concentrating so hard to hear people speak. It was very frustrating.”

Hearing loss was affecting Wendy’s relationships

Wendy realised the real impact of her hearing loss on her relationships with others when she went overseas on holiday.

“I travelled to Rome with my girlfriend. We were on a bus tour and all the people were lovely. But my girlfriend came up to me one day and said that a couple of the other people on our tour had spoken to me and, because I had ignored them, they thought I was a snob!

“I was so upset. I simply had not heard them. I had to apologise and then it was fine. But it was a big wake-up call. I realised how hearing loss can affect all aspects of your life.”

Wendy finally decided to take action on her hearing loss.

Wendy wanted a reliable, independent hearing care service

“I did some research, as I wanted an independent hearing service that wasn’t just advocating one brand. I ended up going to My Hearing in Victor Harbor,” said Wendy.

“I had an extensive hearing test. The previous one was 7 years ago. I knew I needed them then, but they were very expensive and the reviews I had from others with hearing aids wasn’t encouraging.

“I was having so much difficulty hearing at work and in other situations,  I decided to give them a go.”

Wendy’s hearing consultation was taken care of by Dean Laird, principal hearing specialist and owner of My Hearing.

“Dean at My Hearing was wonderful”, exclaimed Wendy.

“They have many different brands and, after Dean asked me various questions about my lifestyle, he suggested Widex.

“After only a week of wearing them, I was thrilled!

“Looking back, I didn’t realise there were so many things I wasn’t hearing. I can now hear our clock ticking and the sound of our little dog walking on the wooden floor.

“I recently had a follow-up appointment with Dean and he made the adjustments I needed as I get used to new sounds.”

Clearer hearing means feeling part of life once again

“Now, I’m not so anxious about meeting people. At Christmas, I went to a dinner. This is normally a situation I’d try to avoid as it had been just too difficult to hear in noisy environments. But all went well.”

Though only in her early 70s, Wendy and her husband Peter recently moved into a retirement village. She now feels much more confident to take part in social activities at the village.

“I’ve joined the retirement village committee. Before, I’d be worried about not hearing people speak, especially in a noisy room with lots of people. I don’t have to worry about struggling to hear anymore.”

Being able to hear more clearly has also encouraged Wendy to take up golf and take part in volunteer work at her local community hub.

Wendy’s advice: don’t delay having your hearing tested

“Hearing loss is a slow, insidious thing. I can imagine how people feel depressed because they can’t join in on conversations properly.

“I wish I’d done this years ago. I feel like my new hearing aids have opened up the world to me.”

“I would highly recommend Dean Laird at My Hearing. Their follow-up service is great also and their front desk staff are welcoming and always friendly.”

“Now that I can hear things well, my husband can’t get away with making little comments on the side. I can hear every word!”

If you have any questions about your hearing health, if you’d like to know more about the Widex hearing aids we prescribed for Wendy, or hearing devices from any of the other manufacturers we recommend, please give us a call on 1300 970 558.