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Best price guarantee

best-price-guaranteeWe will beat any written quote for hearing aids in South Australia*

At My Hearing, we believe that making hearing aids more affordable helps ensure that all South Australians with hearing difficulties can enjoy the benefits of advanced hearing solutions.

Therefore, we will better any legitimate quote you have received from a government accredited South Australian hearing care provider.

Introducing our Value Package

In order to make the most technologically advanced solutions from all leading manufacturers more affordable, we have put together the following “VALUE” fitting package for private clients. This is most suited to experienced aid users who do not require a full aural rehabilitation program (at their request) as they have previously undertaken one with their current hearing aids. Experienced hearing aid users often also have defined experience and understanding of how hearing aids will assist them and require less clinical support to adapt to their new hearing aid fitting. Of course, My Hearing is able to provide a full aural rehabilitation program for all clients however typically within the profession clients are bundled into a “one fits all” cost structure. Why pay for services you don’t require?  This is why we are different and stand by our price guarantee. Our Value Package includes:

  • Free hearing test and discussion
  • Hearing aids
  • Professional personalised custom fitting and rehabilitation program
  • One review follow-up appointment and adjustment
  • Free 30 day trials



  • Competitive quotes must be from accredited South Australian audiology clinics with physical locations (i.e. Not discount internet sites who do not offer testing, fitting and follow-up appointments)

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To arrange a competitive quote, please call us on 08 7522 4235 or complete this form, remembering to state the reason for your enquiry.