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Genesis AI: Transforming Sound, Redefining Hearing

Hearing manufacturers are often coming up with new and improved hearing aids. But I wanted to tell you about a new range of hearing devices from USA manufacturer Starkey called Genesis AI  (Artificial Intelligence)

Genesis AI really is something different.

Built on a completely new platform from the ground up, it promises to be ‘the only hearing healthcare system to feature an all-new processor, all-new sound, all-new design, all-new fitting software and all-new experience for the wearer’.

The company has spent a lot of time and money on developing this product. And it might be the best one to date.

Here’s why…

Genesis AI is packed with state-of-the-art technology

It’s engineered to help wearers:

  • Hear sounds the way the brain intended.
  • Keep connected, stay engaged and miss fewer meaningful moments.
  • Enjoy enhanced listening moments, improved well-being, and easier everyday living.

Why Genesis AI hearing aids help you hear better

A neuroprocessor that works like your brain

Equipped with a neuro processor that works up to 4 times faster than previous models,Genesis AI  works like your brain to interpret the sounds you’re receiving.

And I mean fast, adjusting over 80 million times per hour (more than 22,000 times per second).

This changes the listening experience for the wearer, adapting automatically as you go about your day. Whether you’re in conversation with someone or listening to music, this smart hearing aid will help you deal with any listening situation in comfort. It also includes a new compression system to significantly reduce the effort to listen and hear.

Clearer speech is #1 priority

Genesis AI is equipped with Edge Mode+. This feature uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator to provide an extra boost to help in any listening situation. Edge Mode+ gives you the ability to prioritise clearer speech or listening comfort.

A language translator in your ears

With Genesis AI, you’ll have access to in-your-ear, real-time translation of 77 languages (50 more than its predecessor). You can also speak into your app, and the translated text will appear for the other person to read. Great for when you’re travelling!

Helps you stay healthy and active

Starkey was the first to incorporate 3D sensors for health and wellness tracking. Genesis AI uses a Personal Health Monitoring app to help you track all types of including, indoor biking, walking, running and aerobics.

The thinking is that if you can track your progress, you’ll feel motivated to keep active.

Waterproof: rigorously tested to keep out moisture

Moisture is the enemy of your hearing aids. It can be a real problem in the warmer months when sweat, humidity, and those extra showers you take to cool down are more of an issue. Genesis AI has been rigorously tested to resist moisture. With an IP68 + rating and eight layers of protection to repel moisture, you’ll have peace of mind that your hearing aid will stay dry and in good working order to a depth of 1 metre.

Stronger and more durable

Accidents do happen. So, it’s good know that those extra protective layers are also designed to protect your hearing aids from damage. Handy, should you drop them accidentally.

More efficient, longer-lasting battery life

If you’re still fiddling with hearing aid batteries, now’s the time to consider the convenience of a rechargeable hearing aid. The makers of Genesis AI boast that it’s ‘the industry’s longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid on the market (RIC RT), with up to 50 hours in a single charge’.

The RIC (mRIC R) model is the industry’s smallest rechargeable Receiver in the Ear hearing device with sensors. It’s also the second longest-lasting rechargeable battery in the industry, with up to 40 hours from a single charge.

And if you do get caught, you can pop them back into your charger for seven minutes to gain another 3 hours of battery life. Now that’s handy!

The My Starkey App simplifies connectivity

Use the redesigned My Starkey App on your smartphone or other device to easily access all the most-used features. Plus, you can access new how-to videos and upgrade firmware through the app.

My Starkey App

You’ll also find these other great features come with your Genesis AI hearing aids:

  • Fall detection

The first and only fall detection and alert system in a hearing aid. The system notifies predetermined contacts if a wearer falls and sends their location. This has already helped people in emergency situations.

  • Binaural streaming

Streams calls, music and more to both hearing aids directly for more true-to-life listening.

Six different models/styles – which one to choose?

You could spend hours researching the best hearing aid.

But the truth is, you don’t have to decide before your appointment. Once we’ve assessed your hearing and discussed your lifestyle needs, your hearing care consultant will recommend the best option. Then you can decide which style suits you.

We usually recommend that you go with the highest level of technology you can afford. Of course, this will depend on an individual’s lifestyle and the technology best suited to you. That way, you get the most from your hearing. The aim is for you to enjoy life in all those listening situations that are important to you.

Trial the new Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids and ‘’hear the difference yourself’’. Contact your local My Hearing clinic on 1300 970 558 for an appointment.