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DEAFMETAL®: transform your hearing aids into personalised jewellery

For years hearing aid designers have tried to make their products less noticeable.

For many people, there was a stigma around wearing hearing aids. And it’s true that in the past, hearing aid styles were a bit clunky and old fashioned.

These days, hearing aids are made in colours to match your skin and hair. They’re also much smaller.

How to turn your hearing aids into a unique fashion statement – introducing DEAFMETAL® hearing aid jewellery

When award-winning Finnish jewellery designer Jenny Ahtiainen lost her hearing, it made her think about hearing aids and how they looked.

“If you have bad eyesight you get to choose whatever kind of eyeglasses you want to suit your own style – no matter if you’re a man, woman, child, hipster or goth. But if you have bad hearing, you’re stuck with the ‘machines’ that you’re given.”

That’s when she came up with the idea for her range of hearing aid jewellery marketed under the brand DEAFMETAL.

DEAFMETAL stylish and fun hearing aid jewellery

DEAFMETAL is award-winning jewellery for your ears – now available in Australia

The DEAFMETAL range can be worn with hearing aids, cochlear implant coils and headpieces. They attach easily to your devices and are now available in Australia in a range of styles.

My Hearing owner and senior audiometrist Dean Laird is excited that DEAFMETAL jewellery is now available to locals.

“I love the idea of DEAFMETAL. It helps reduce the stigma of wearing hearing devices. It also gives people of all ages the opportunity to create their own individual style”, explains Dean.

“Not only are they functional and stylish, but they’re also great quality. You can choose from a range of stunning designs made in pure silver or micro-plated in gold. There’s also a range of ethically produced leather styles.”

“Depending on the occasion, you can mix and match your look, your mood or what you want to say.”

DEAFMETAL personalised hearing aid jewellery

DEAFMETAL’s Aussie collection – both stylish and safe to wear

The DEAFMETAL® Australian Stone collection “My Hearing” hearing aid jewellery is a uniquely stunning natural design which is both functional and attractive.

Designed to easily attach to a cochlear implant processor, BTE (Behind The Ear) or RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing device, these pieces give wearers added security by ensuring that your hearing device remains firmly in place at all times.

Some of these designs can also be worn like normal jewellery, without attaching them to hearing aids.

Designed to be safe and secure

Apart from looking amazing DEAFMETAL designs come with safety chains and rings. These double as security for your devices, so you don’t lose them.  They’re great when you’re wearing a face-masks and also a perfect solution if you’re physically active or play sport.

The designer explains how she transformed hearing aids into jewellery in this video:


Interested in DEAFMETAL hearing aid jewellery? To order or take a look at their stylish range of designs, visit the DEAFMETAL website.