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David’s story can be a lesson for anyone with hearing difficulties

From time to time, we ask our clients to tell us about their hearing journey and how having hearing aids has made a difference in their life. Here’s David’s story… 

Having taken an opportunity to live and work in Japan for a few years, David Marks and his family returned to Australia where he became a Japanese teacher in Victor Harbor. However, teaching had become more difficult in recent years due to hearing issues. It was hard to hear questions from students in his class, especially when facing the board to write notes.

“I had become increasingly reliant on non-verbal cues, like lip-reading, and could not make out words over the hum of the room.”

Hearing conversations was a real problem for David

David had suspected that his hearing had deteriorated, particularly in his left ear. And this hearing imbalance was also making it hard for him to locate the source of a sound. But this was not the only situation where he struggled.

David recalls: “It was really difficult having conversations when driving in the car too, as my ‘bad’ ear was on the side of the passenger… and in social situations, like dinners, it was really hard to follow what people were saying. I would get sounds like “b” and “p”, or “f” and “th”, mixed up… My hearing had begun to affect my confidence.”

David decided it was time to do something about his hearing loss

Earlier this year, David finally had a hearing check. He received his results via email and they indicated significant hearing loss. He was ready to do something about it and was recommended to see My Hearing Centre in Victor Harbor.

“It was explained to me that My Hearing Centre is independent, in that they are not owned by a single hearing aid manufacturer. Therefore, I trusted that I would be recommended the best solution for my needs from every available option. And that is exactly how it went.”

Fitted in one ear for now, David could not be happier with his new hearing aid and is not at all concerned if others know that he is wearing them. He even looks for opportunities to discuss them with others. And, rather than choosing a colour that blended in with his skin or hair, went with his favourite colour – blue.

Conversations that used to be a mumble are now perfectly clear

The first thing he noticed after leaving My Hearing Centre was the magnificent sound of birds chirping, something he had not noticed in years.

Conversations are now easy in the car and in noisy environments and he can manage the hearing aid settings discreetly via an app on his phone and adjusts volume and background noise settings when things get a little loud in the classroom or in social situations.

“I am so grateful for Dean in helping me get here and am proud for getting onto my hearing, even if I wish I did it sooner. I watch the TV at a level that is comfortable for everyone and when I discuss hearing aids with others I contend that ‘If you can’t see clearly, you’d have no issue wearing contact lenses or glasses, so why should your hearing be any different?’”