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Coronavirus advice (COVID-19) : How we’re looking after your hearing health during this worrying time

It’s hard to get away from Coronavirus news, isn’t it? And quite a number of our clients have contacted us about how we can continue to support their hearing health while keeping them safe from this terrible virus.

It’s certainly a worrying time for all of us. Our priority is to support you, our staff and our community as best we can and avoid any unnecessary health risks.

As you know, the information about what we all should do is changing daily. We’re constantly keeping up-to-date with the Department of Health guidelines.

Coronavirus advice for our hearing care clients

At this stage, this is what we’re doing:

  • Ensuring all our staff are methodically following recommended procedures for cleanliness – washing hands regularly, using personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks and cleaning down surfaces in the clinic.
  • We’re still welcoming people into the clinic for regular appointments and hearing check-ups. However, if you’re not sure whether to come in, please call the clinic.
  • We’re encouraging our clients to give us a call if they need hearing aid batteries or other supplies, rather than come into the clinic. We’re happy to pop them in the post.
  • We’re monitoring our own health to ensure all our staff are well. If they’re not feeling 100%, we’re asking them to stay at home.

It’s important that you keep as healthy as you can. For many of our older patients, it’s essential to get your flu vaccination as soon as it’s available at your local medical centre or pharmacy.

If you do feel unwell, the advice is to give your doctor a call.

We’d also ask you to avoid coming into the clinic if you have any symptoms relating to the Coronavirus. They include having a runny nose, a sore throat, a cough, a fever or you have difficulty breathing.

We understand that the best source of up-to-date information is:   For further advice or information, you can also phone the Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

If you have any questions about your hearing aids or your hearing health, please give us a call on 1300 970 558. Or get in touch via the CONTACT US page on our website. 

As always, your health is our primary concern. We’re thinking of you and hope you stay well during this trying time.

All the best

Dean, Deb, Helene and Lisa