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Audéo Fit™: supporting your health journey

Audéo Fit is the latest hearing innovation from Swiss-based hearing maker Phonak.

It’s a fact that regular exercise can help improve our mental and our physical health.

Audéo Fit promises to improve your hearing while supporting your overall health and well-being.


How Audéo Fit helps keep track of your health goals

If you love tracking your fitness goals using a wearing tracking device, you’ll love Audéo Fit. Audéo Fit has a built-in heart rate sensor.

When paired with the myPhonak app, it enables you to track your heart rate, steps, and activity levels.

The myPhonak app captures your health data and controls your hearing aids. With its smart design, all the app’s features are available at a glance.

Gaining insights into your overall health and well-being empowers you to make better daily lifestyle choices and uncover a healthier version of yourself [2,3].


Audéo Fit delivers excellent sound quality

Audéo Fit is powered by Paradise. According to Phonak’s research, it the device offers a crisp, natural sound [1] that delivers an unrivalled hearing experience [4].

Dynamic Noise Cancellation and Speech Enhancer mean you can enjoy reduced listening effort in noise and quiet.

With universal Bluetooth® connectivity, you can experience all of this while enjoying your favourite TV shows, streaming podcasts, taking calls, or relaxing with music at home or on the go.

Time magazine even included the Audéo Fit in their ‘Best Inventions of 2022’ – so they’re certainly worth a look!

To Learn more about Audéo Fit hearing aids, book an appointment with My Hearing on 1300 970 558.


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